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Many times the erectile dysfunction problem is not physical, at all. Yes, the results of having it are a very physical phenomenon, but lack of testosterone or certain amino acids may not be causing the problem.

The phrase "It's all in your head" can be very apt in this case. So, does this mean you need to look for a psychologist to bare your soul to?

Maybe, and maybe not.
Stress and it's effects
One major cause of ED is stress. Not only does stress make you fat or make you sick, it can cause erectile dysfunction. It doesn't necessarily happen all at once; it kind of sneaks up on you over time.

As time goes on and the stress is not relieved, bouts of ED begin to occur more often. Instead of once in a blue moon, it becomes once every dozen times. Then every half dozen, then every other time until suddenly you can't get erect at all no matter how hard you try.
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More bad news - this plays with your personal psyche. You begin to think about it. You begin to dwell on it. "Will I get hard this time, or will this time be another failure?" It can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

You begin to over-think the situation every time you try to have sex. It begins to dominate your thoughts until it completely overwhelms your confidence.
ED can happen at any age
What to do? What to do?
So, what do you do? At this point, most men take the Viagra route in order to get hard again. However, medical help is just a bandage unless the cause is actually physical. As with any illness, and make no mistake, this is an illness, you must treat the root cause in order to get a permanent cure.

If the cause is physical, generally it is a depleted store of hormones and/or amino acids. Re-introducing certain supplements and foods can work wonders in restoring your virility. Certain ayurvedic remedies or ancient Chinese concoctions can sometimes help in this respect rather than plucking commercial vitamins and supplements off of the supermarket or health food store shelves.
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However, if the cause is mental, due to stress or some other factor, you will need to go a different route.

First of all, the stress must be relieved. After that, restoration of your confidence is necessary.

In fact, even if the root cause is physical, restoration of confidence may become necessary over time because of repeated failures.

Now, you can pay hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on psychiatric help. If you have insurance that covers you for that, by all means, seek help. For those that don't want to open themselves up to a psychologist or psychiatrist or just cannot afford to see one, there are other, less expensive and intrusive methods.
First of all, meditation is a fantastic stress reliever.

There are many guided meditation methods to choose from. One of the most successful is the Silva Self-Healing Method, developed by Jose Silva. Thousands upon thousands have used this method to overcome illnesses of all kinds.
Another method that requires almost no concentration at all but is very effective is subliminal persuasion. This can involve audio, video or even both at the same time.

Both guided meditation and subliminal persuasion work on the subconscious mind. The subconscious part of your mind is actually the part that has the most control over your body - about 90%. It is what keeps you breathing and your heart beating automatically - you don't have to think about it, it just does it for you.
Training your subconscious to do things to effect a certain outcome is the surest way to make those outcomes happen. Trying to make things happen consciously is useless if your subconscious is battling against you. Your conscious mind is at a 900% disadvantage.

By the way, both guided meditation and subliminal persuasion are fairly low cost and can be done in the privacy of your own home.
Get Started Now!
First things first - relieve any stress that may be affecting you. Then, determine if the cause of your ED is physical by trying to re-energize your body with the proper hormones and amino acids. Go to this page to see some recommended products that may help.

Give those products time to work. In some cases, it could be a matter of a couple weeks to a few months. Going for the quick fix will not help you in the long run, so don't start this expecting immediate results.

After all, your ED did not just appear overnight, it took awhile to become a real problem, so don't expect an overnight remedy.
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