Dangers of ED Medication
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Okay, it’s embarrassing, and some sites online say that men who have erectile dysfunction do not need to see a “real” doctor in order to get their problem straightened out. The doctor down the street from you may not be the ideal candidate to discuss such an embarrassing and sometimes humiliating problem.

Therefore, modern technology to the rescue – go online and find an online doctor. This allows men to get over their erectile dysfunction with the help of an online prescription. It is a great way to get erectile dysfunction drugs without going through all the hassle of actually seeing a physician.
Getting an Online Doctor
Finding an online doctor is important to men who do not want to waste time and energy visiting a real doctor in their neighborhood for whatever reasons. After all, if you are able to get your impotence taken care of quickly without seeing your own doctor, that’s the important thing.

Right, so many men take the erectile dysfunction pills and have an unhealthy habit of avoiding doctors, so they may get sick or they may have heart problems of some kind. Of course, the largest worry is that you can actually die, but it’s worth it for one last shot at glory, right?
Online Pharmacy
The online doctors are focused on just one area their entire lives. They have seen the problems that men face with erectile dysfunction every single day so they have far more experience than even your own doctor. They will be able to save you a lot of time and effort.

Instead of setting up an appointment, which costs a lot of money, and then taking off work or other responsibilities, you can simply go online at any time and find a doctor that can help.
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This is a huge advantage, if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t come up with the side effects that can occur. While you are betting on your own sexual life, you are still taking a risk. In any case, you’ll be far safer speaking to an online doctor than if you were to take erectile dysfunction drugs without speaking to anyone at all.
Erectile Dysfunction Medications
The most well-known ED medications include:
     • Cialis  (tadalafil)
     • Viagra (sildenafil)
     • Levitra (vardenafil)

These prescription drugs increase nitric oxide to stimulate blood flow upon sexual arousal. While ED medications can be lifesavers in the bedroom, there are some common side effects to learn about before asking for a prescription.
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Headaches are the most common side effect associated with erectile dysfunction medications. Nitric oxide helps increase blood flow to the penis to create an erection. This is great, but this sudden change in blood flow can cause a headache.

You should know that headaches are common with all forms of ED medications, so switching brands won’t necessarily change a thing. If your headaches are excrutiatingly painful, tell your doctor – he might have an idea about how to prevent them.
Side Effects Medicine Pills
Body Aches and Pains
Taking medicine can be a pain and this may be literally true when treating erectile dysfunction. Some guys experience muscle aches and general body aches, while others report lower back pain. Cialis is the primary culprit of such side effects out of all of the ED medications.
Over-the-counter pain medication may help with the aches and pains, but make sure you ask your doctor before using them.

Gastrointestinal Ailments
Your ED medications can also cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal upsets. The most common are indigestion and diarrhea. Over-the-counter medicines can seem to help with minor problems, but you may be worse off by taking them. Drinking water instead of caffeine, alcohol and juice should help.
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An increase in nitric oxide may cause dizziness in some of you. This side effect happens more with Levitra according to the Patient Education Institute. It generally is not debilitating, but the dizziness can still cause discomfort during everyday activities. In rare cases, dizziness can lead to fainting, which may become a serious health issue. While dizziness is a common side effect, fainting is not.

Vision Changes
ED medications can literally change the way you see things. Certain brands can temporarily change your eyesight and even cause blue vision. According to the Mayo Clinic, blue vision symptoms are related to guys who take Levitra or Viagra.

Now, a complete loss of vision, or changes that don’t go away, are a much more serious issue with ED medication. Get emergency medical care immediately. If you happen to have a retinal disorder, ED drugs are not for you.
Flushing, or redness of the skin, can develop on your face but may spread to virtually any part of your body. Unlike blushing, flushing looks more like a rash. It can be as mild as blotchy skin or even as severe as a rashe. According to the Mayo Clinic, flushing is most common with Levitra and Viagra.

Flushing can be an occasional symptom and it may worsen when you eat hot or spicy foods, drink alcohol or are outside in warm temperatures.

Congestion and Runny Nose
Congestion and a runny, stuffy nose are one of the last things you would expect to get from an ED medication. However, this is a common symptom. Such side effects are linked to Levitra and Viagra according to the Patient Education Institute. Usually, the symptoms of congestion don’t last long and don’t require any treatment.
Recognize Uncommon Side Effects
So, minor side effects are common when taking ED medications. But, there are some side effects that are not as common and can even be downright dangerous.

Serious side effects include an erection that persists over four hours (priapism) or sudden changes in hearing and vision loss. I should not have to tell you, if you have any of these side effects, get emergency medical help immediately.

Erectile dysfunction medications aren’t beneficial for all men because of the risk of side effects or even drug interactions. These are chemicals and not everybody reacts the same way to the same chemicals.
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Viagra, Cialis, Levitra May Increase Risk of Melanoma
New legal ads shown on television for drug side effects are becoming more and more common every day. It may not be long before you see one for this.

A recent study has linked the use of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to an increased risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. How long before some legal firm starts a class-action suit on this?

These findings, reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), were based on a study of more than 25,000 American men conducted over a period of 10 years by researchers from Harvard, Brown and other leading U.S. universities and hospitals.
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Viagra and Skin Cancer
Viagra is part of a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDG5A) inhibitors. Cialis and Levitra are also in this class of drugs. According to the study, treatment with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can promote melanoma cell invasion.

Doctors involved in the JAMA study stated that one of the key ingredients in Viagra, sildenafil, may trigger melanoma development but they have not yet established a direct cause.

Viagra may increase the risks of melanoma, by 84% according to the study, because it affects the same genetic pathway that allows the skin cancer to become more invasive. That would make Viagra melanoma cancers even more dangerous.

Although Viagra is the only ED medicine that contains the drug sildenafil, which was the main subject of the JAMA study, Cialis and Levitra contain drugs that operate in a similar way. Just like the sildenafil in Viagra, those drugs are also PDG5A inhibitors.

The JAMA study mentioned above found that men who had used the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra – even just once – were 84% more likely to develop melanoma skin cancers than those who did not use an ED drug. The researchers factored in and ruled out other possible reasons that might account for the significantly higher incidence of melanoma skin cancer including:
     • Age
     • Tobacco use
     • Physical activity.

Men who had erectile dysfunction but did not use Viagra did not show an increased risk for melanoma.
Skin Cancer Symptoms
Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer. Like most cancers, early detection and treatment provide the best survival rates. Some signs of melanoma are:
     • New spots/freckles/moles on the skin
     • A change in size, shape or color of an existing mole
     • Sores that do not heal
     • Pigment, redness or swelling that spreads outside the border of a
        spot to the surrounding skin
     • Itchiness, tenderness or pain
     • Changes in texture or scales, oozing or bleeding from an existing mole

Now, melanoma can appear anywhere on the body, including areas always covered by clothing. Exposure to sunlight is not required.
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Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits
As mentioned previously, legal firms are lining up to create class-action lawsuits in light of the recent JAMA study and other consumer reports linking ED drugs to skin cancer. Hundreds of men who have taken the erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, Cialis or Levitra may file melanoma skin cancer lawsuits or join skin cancer class- action lawsuits against erectile dysfunction drug treatment manufacturers.

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