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Viagra and other prescription drugs

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction usually are not really looking in the right places when they want to figure things out. Most do nothing because they are either too embarrassed or just do not want to be involved with a doctor who can discuss their options.

However, for the overall benefit of your health, it is a good idea for you to get medical help so that you can avoid many of the problems that come with erectile dysfunction.
Which Erectile Dysfunction Pill is Right

Many men ask which erectile dysfunction pill is right for them, but the answer is hard to give. Most people have a certain disposition, due to their genetic make-up, that could make a difference as to which drug is right for them.

If you are trying to get over your erectile dysfunction, you have to give it a try and see which one might be better for you. There is no reason to not see a doctor and get his opinion first so that you can tell what exactly is best. You never know what impotence pill will work best and give the best results.
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Most of us have heard of a drug called Sildenafil Citrate, sometimes referred to under its trade name of Viagra. But, not many of us understand how it works or how it might affect our body.

If your doctor has prescribed this medication, then ask him as many questions as you need to during your visit. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking questions. You may be think that this drug, once taken, will cause you to become sexually aroused at any time. This is not the case. Viagra and other drugs like it do not work that way.
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So how does Viagra work?

There are many jokes and stupid stories you hear about Viagra and similar medications. Viagra only works effectively WHEN you are sexually aroused.
It also needs time to work. You need to be in the right situation and environment before you take Viagra. If you and your partner have decided to make love, then take it about an hour before. 

This may not seem as spontaneous as you would like to be, but a drug like Viagra is usually only needed on a short term basis until your erections start to occur naturally again. Viagra, and other similar drugs, boost and enhance what is already there and works quite gently.

But how does it do this?

Without using too much medical jargon, Viagra boosts the blood supply to your penis so that when you are sexually aroused, it helps the erectile tissue to fill with blood. This, simply, is how you achieve and maintain an erection. 

When you are no longer aroused, such as after sex, the blood supply will gradually decrease and your erection will go away. It's not true that after you have taken the drug, you will find yourself having embarrassing and unexplained erections at the most inconvenient times or inconvenient places. The drug just does not work in this way.

Is it safe for me to take it?

Good question and one you should ask before taking any prescription drug. See our page about the dangers of ED medications.
Before your doctor prescribes Viagra or any similar drug, he/she should ensure that it is safe for you to take it. If you have a medical history of heart problems, strokes, liver problems or high blood pressure, he/she may decide to give you something else. 

Now, if your erectile dysfunction is due to something other than a physical problem, such as a psychological problem (this is more common than you think), Viagra could help, but you will need to discover and treat the causes of your anxiety or depression.
Will my doctor carry out any tests before giving me Viagra?

Let's hope so. If not, find another doctor.

Once the doctor has taken your medical history, your doctor may arrange for blood tests. If, for any reason, he feels that Viagra is not suitable for you, he may look at other methods of treatment or even prescribe alternative drugs, such as Levitra or Cialis, which work in a similar way.
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Viagra has been used successfully by many men worldwide with good results. Your doctor should only treat you in a way that he feels is most likely to assist you and alleviate your problems.

Lots of men who have problems with maintaining an erection will often turn to Viagra to correct their ongoing problem. Prescription drugs are the most popular prescription medication ‘solutions’ for erectile dysfunction.

The price of… buying Viagra

Viagra or sildenafil tablets are only available as a prescription medication. This means that men can’t purchaseit over-the-counter or as a generic medication. If insurance won't cover the cost, you may have to pay for Viagra out of pocket.

The cost of Viagra varies based on the amount of the medication provided in the prescription. For example, 25mg of Viagra is likely to cost around $100 for up to 10 tablets. The amount of tablets will vary based on your prescription. However, prescriptions for 50mg and 100mg of Viagra may have costs close to the same amount.

When you look at the price, it may not look like it costs too much. However, if you have persistent erectile dysfunction, you might have to take sildenafil tablets on a consistent basis to achieve the results you want. That can get expensive if insurance won't cover the cost.

The reason behind buying Viagra

Okay, there are some newer solutions for treating erectile dysfunction. However, Viagra provides most men with a ‘less intrusive’ and easier way to start treating their problem.

Viagra also allows men to stop taking it with few complications. Viagra actually has less side effects than comparable medications.

Most men that take Viagra are said to be happy with the results that they get from taking it. It essentially restores their ability to maintain an erection and improve their sexual performance.

Many men experience good results from taking Viagra and most don’t end up refilling their prescriptions. Most simply don’t need to keep using Viagra because they may have resolved their erectile dysfunction problems that turned out to be more psychological than physical. The others might have regained their physical ability to get and maintain an erection. Consequently, they don’t need to use Viagra anymore.
Getting Levitra

Levitra is one of the best prescription drugs that is on the market today. Make sure that you are speaking to your doctor as soon as possible about whether or not Levitra is right for you. There are some cases where the pill is not useful or can actually be harmful.

The body reacts differently to different chemicals and, with Levitra, it is no different. It is important that your prescription for Levitra be used as a way to get over the erectile dysfunction problem that you are currently facing.

Getting the drugs without a prescription is something that you can easily do if you are utilizing the internet to help you. There are a number of sources online that can help you to get the pills you are looking for, but none of them will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are safe while using them.

If you are not really sure about whether or not the Levitra pill is something that is for you, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as you possibly can in order to get things changed.
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