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Men who are looking to have an improved sex life are always on the lookout for new foods, drugs, or supplements to have more testosterone or improve themselves in some way. Many of the methods of improving libido are not very effective or helpful in the long run, but there are a few natural methods that can prove exceptional.

In the case of modern food, there are some that can help to improve your libido and sex drive. There are also many ancient chinese and ayurvedic formulas that are reputed to work.
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Zinc - the Sexual Health Superhero?
Zinc deficiency has been a popular topic in health news. Low zinc levels are blamed for a wide variety of health woes, including erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

Zinc is a key mineral used in cellular metabolism. It is important for immune function, DNA and protein production, healing wounds, and cell division. It’s important in pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence. Despite its importance, many adults and seniors may not get enough zinc.

Zinc is also important to testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone cannot exist without zinc. Zinc distributes all over the body, so it’s difficult to test through a blood test. If you suspect that you might have a zinc deficiency, talk with your doctor.
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Erectile Dysfunction and Supplements
Taking zinc in supplement form is just one of many treatments marketed to those looking for help with ED. Many men use supplements instead of prescription medications like Viagra and Cialis, or to enhance the effectiveness of these medications.

Some natural supplements aimed towards relieving ED symptoms include:
     • Korean red ginseng
     • L-Arginine
     • L-carnitine
Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone
Most men who have ED don’t necessarily have abnormal levels of testosterone. Heart disease, diabetes, nervous system conditions, injuries, and stress are more likely to cause ED. However, insufficient testosterone can cause ED in some men.

Zinc treatments may improve the body’s natural levels of testosterone. Studies are still being performed to provide conclusive evidence on the efficacy of natural supplements to relieve ED symptoms.
Supplemental testosterone "may" improve ED symptoms in men with low testosterone levels. Supplemental testosterone can sometimes improve ED symptoms in men with normal testosterone levels and ED.

The danger here is that supplemental testosterone treatments my cause your body to stop its own natural testosterone production. A testosterone supplementation program could mean you'll be doing it for the rest of your life.

Testosterone levels decrease naturally as men age and certain medications can impact testosterone levels. Hyper- or hypothyroidism can impact testosterone and libido. And zinc can have a dramatic impact on testosterone levels in those with zinc deficiency. A purely vegetarian or low-protein diet may put you at risk for zinc deficiency.
Natural Remedies
Erectile dysfunction, formerly called impotence, is the inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity. Research suggests that 50% of men have ED. It's more common in men over age 50, but it can occur at any age.
Non-Pharmaceutical Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction
So far, scientific support for the claim that any remedy can safely treat erectile dysfunction is fairly lacking. If you're considering the use of any remedy, it's important to consult your physician first and avoid self-treating with alternative medicine. Here are some natural remedies to consider:

1) L-Arginine
L-arginine is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that signals smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels (including those in the penis) to relax, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow – a necessity for maintaining erections.

Found naturally in protein foods such as meat, chicken, fish, walnuts and peas, L-arginine is also a fairly popular supplement for sports concerns and bodybuilding as it is used for protein synthesis in the body.

2) Red Korean Ginseng
Red Korean ginseng is Panax ginseng. In herbal medicine, this type of ginseng is used to stimulate sexual function and boost energy more so than “cooler” types of ginseng such as white or North American ginseng. It is also different from Asian ginseng due to its preparation. Red Korean ginseng may boost blood flow to the penis. Although study quality has generally been low, human trials suggest that red ginseng may improve erection quality in men with ED.

3) Zinc
Zinc is a mineral involved in regulating many enzymes and hormones. It is found in a wide variety of foods such as red meat, poultry, oysters, beans, and fortified cereal. Low levels of zinc have been associated with sexual dysfunction. People on a vegetarian diet are more susceptible because of reduced bioavailability of zinc and also because of greater intake of phytates from legumes and whole grains, which bind zinc and inhibit its absorption.

4) L-Carnitine
L-carnitine is a compound involved in energy metabolism in the body. It is produced naturally in the body but it is also found in food, particularly in animal products, and in supplement form. Although there are various forms of carnitine supplements, propionyl L-carnitine has been used for blood flow issues and has been explored for erectile dysfunction. Two forms of L-carnitine (propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine) may benefit men with erectile dysfunction according to a study published in Urology.

5) Niacin
According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, niacin, or vitamin B3 – found in chicken, fish and grains — may help men with erectile dysfunction if they also have high cholesterol. When taken in supplement form, whole food supplements which contain the full spectrum of the B vitamin is best rather than commercial supplements of artificial, fractionated B3.
Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Low Testosterone and ED
Excess body fat appears to be involved in erectile dysfunction, by promoting inflammation and converting testosterone to estrogen. According to one study, one-third of obese men with erectile dysfunction regained sexual function after participating in a two-year weight loss program.

Regular exercise appears to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Research shows that men who exercise more in midlife have a 70% lower risk of erectile dysfunction compared to sedentary men.
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ED may be a sign of heart disease. Men with Ed are more likely to have heart disease and diabetes. Diuretics and alpha blockers for high blood pressure may worsen ED. Angiotensin receptor blockers may improve it.

Men in midlife who have ED accompanied by low libido may have testosterone deficiency. Testosterone products should only be used under a doctor’s guidance, as it’s important to monitor one’s testosterone levels. Too much and the body’s own production of testosterone declines.

A Note About Yohimbe
Found naturally in the bark of the west African yohimbe tree, yohimbine is a herbal supplement that was used as a folk remedy for ED. However the bark extract often contains very low concentrations of yohimbine.

More importantly, yohimbine has the potential for serious side effects and drug interactions, even at small doses. Common side effects include a drastic changes in blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, respiratory depression, heart attack and death. The United States’ Food and Drug Administration has deemed yohimbe extract unsafe for over-the-counter sale.

There is a prescription drug available in the United States, yohimbine hydrochloride, that is a standardized form. A meta-analysis of seven clinical trials of the yohimbine drug demonstrated that yohimbine hydrochloride was more effective than a placebo in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is thought to enhance blood flow to the penis. 

Be wary of 'herbal Viagra'
A number of nonprescription products claim to be herbal forms of Viagra. Some of these products contain unknown quantities of potent ingredients similar to those in prescription medications, which can cause dangerous side effects.

Some actually contain the real drug that should be given by prescription only. Although the Food and Drug Administration has banned many of these products, some potentially dangerous erectile dysfunction remedies remain on the market.

Just because a product claims to be natural doesn't mean it's safe. Many herbal remedies can cause side effects and dangerous interactions when taken with certain medications. If you are unsure or on medications, talk to your doctor before you try an herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction — especially if you have a chronic health problem such as heart disease or diabetes.

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