Sexual Exhaustion
What is Sexual Exhaustion?
The term “Sexual Exhaustion” doesn’t really exist in the medical world, and many doctors discount its existence.

That is because the term is very vague. Diagnosing someone with Sexual Exhaustion could be hugely over-simplifying what the sufferer is experiencing.

Sexual Exhaustion is a vague way to cover any instance of someone suffering physically, be it with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) , Premature Ejaculation and many other related issues. Its thought to be a result of excessive sex, or even more commonly, excessive masturbation to porn.
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Unfortunately, online porn has caused problems for many men hooked on the dopamine-release and relief whenever they wish it. Consequently, instances of Sexual Exhaustion are increasing rapidly.

What happens is adrenal fatigue. But, you can be cured, although it takes time and persistence.
There is no quick-fix and, although this site will recommend supplements, vitamins, and minerals to help restore your body’s balance, a lifestyle change is also in order. You may even need blood tests to help determine where your body is deficient if yours is an extreme case.

For the majority of sufferers you can expect to experience huge improvements within 90 days. However, if it takes longer than that, stay the course. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you want your virility back you will have to be patient.
Recover from Porn-Induced ED and Sexual Exhaustion
Recovery can be split into three main categories:

     •  Treat your Porn Addiction

     • Stop Excessive Masturbation

     • Change your Lifestyle

Treating your porn addiction is a preventative measure for the future. Once your body is functioning normally again, you don’t want to fall into the same old trap and undo all of your hard work. What a nightmare that would be to have to go through all that again.
Overcoming your addiction to pornography, if you have one, can be extremely difficult. Your body craves the dopamine release and, after years of abuse, your brain may have rewired itself. It craves its "reward” of releasing dopamine.

Stopping excessive masturbation goes hand-in-hand with treating your porn addiction. So, even if it isn't porn that makes you masterbate, you need to bring it to a halt for awhile. This is simply ignoring the temptation to "take it in hand". If it is your libido that drives your masturbation habit, this won't be easy.
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When you succeed in treating your addiction to porn, it will become easier to resist excessive masturbation. This website is definitely not anti-masturbation; I am not a hypocrite. Masturbation can be good for you, but during the recovery process you need to be prepared to stop any stimulation for at least 90 days. This can even be longer depending on the severity of your condition.

Changing your lifestyle has clear benefits. When you change any damaging habits and make improvements in such areas as nutrition, exercise and your general perspective, this will improve your overall health. It will help your body in restoring drained hormones and needed energy
Using supplements will also help speed up the recovery process. Also, relieving mental stress (this IS a stressful condition, after all) using meditation or subliminal therapy is highly recommended.

After doing all of the above, most people can be considered cured. However, if you’re not improving then you may be experiencing something that is more than sexual exhaustion.

If that is the case, there are a range of tests which will help you pinpoint the problem. It may be time to seek medical treatment.
Symptoms of Sexual Exhaustion

Symptoms of Sexual Exhaustion include but are not limited to:

     • Fatigue, Tiredness, and Exhaustion     • Depression and Mood Swings     • Generalized Anxiety

     • Weak Erections     • Memory Loss     • Muscle Weakness

     • Muscle Tremors (Parkinson’s symptoms)     • Irregular Cardiovascular Output

     • Premature Ejaculation      • Headaches and Migraines     • Hair Loss

     • Low Libido     • Ear Buzzing and Ringing     • Urinary Urgency

     • Ejaculatory and Low Back Pains     • Watery Ejaculation or Lack of Volume

     • Excessive Sweating     • Penile Injuries     • Penile Shrinkage

     • Vision Problems and Eye Floaters     • Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders     • Prostatitis

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